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Three Reasons You Need to Abide by Arizona Speeding Laws

Arizona’s open roads can be tempting to speed on, but there’s a good reason why speeding laws exist. Not only do they encourage a safer driving environment, but they also help you avoid run-ins with the legal system and protect your wallet from unnecessary expenses. Here are three great reasons every driver in the Grand Canyon state — from daily commuters to car enthusiasts — should abide by Arizona’s posted speed limits.

Safety First

The roar of an engine might be your heart’s call to adventure, but traffic statistics remind us of the dangers of speeding. Speeding is a significant factor in traffic accidents, contributing to nearly one-third of all fatal crashes nationwide. The faster a vehicle travels, the more difficult it becomes to react to sudden changes and stop effectively. Maricopa County and its bustling traffic are unforgiving to those who underestimate this risk.

Consider this: the risk of accident-related injury or fatality grows exponentially with each mile-per-hour increase. In the best of weather and road conditions the average driver can stop at a rate of 15 feet per second, but it takes only a split second for a speeding vehicle to cause irreparable harm to yourself or others. The next time you want to let your lead foot out, remember just how long it takes to slow your car down and reconsider speeding in an uncontrolled environment.

Financial Impact

If the risk to life and the potential legal repercussions weren’t deterrent enough, consider the financial repercussions. Speeding fines in Arizona can be hefty, but the cost goes well beyond the initial fine amount, and we’ll go over just how that happens below. 

Rising Insurance Premiums

One of the more overlooked repercussions of speeding is the increase in insurance premiums. Insurance companies view speeding tickets as indicators of risky driving behavior, which can lead to higher rates. If you end up with multiple speeding citations, your insurance premiums will increase exponentially, eventually leading to you being uninsurable for a reasonable fee.  

If you want to avoid skyrocketing insurance premiums and having to consult with one of our traffic citation experts, the best thing you can do is simply slow down. 

The True Cost of a Speeding Citation

Another surprisingly overlooked fact of speeding is the total cost behind a speeding ticket. Between fines, court fees, legal fees, potential traffic school costs, and the possibility of taking time off work to attend court — you’re in for a lot more than your initial ticket suggests.

So do yourself a favor when you’re driving through Tempe and don’t act like Dominic Toretto in the latest Fast & Furious installment.

Legal Consequences: More Than Just a Ticket

While many see speeding as a minor infraction, the state and residents of Arizona takes it very seriously.

Arizona’s speeding laws are designed to keep drivers safe and are strictly enforced. Penalties for speeding can range from fines to driver’s license points, and even to license suspension for repeated offenses. In certain instances, speeding could be classified as “criminal speeding,” which may result in even harsher penalties and possible jail time.

If you find yourself getting issued a speeding citation by one of Maricopa County’s finest, don’t stress, we’re the legal team you can depend on — call Simon Law Group at

480-771-7634 today.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Dealing with a traffic citation can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. If you’re issued a traffic citation in Maricopa County, you need Simon Law Group in your corner. Our team has extensive experience handling a broad spectrum of cases, providing personalized and effective legal counsel. Don’t let a speeding ticket set you back, schedule your free consultation online or by calling us at 480-771-7634 today.

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