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Divorce Do’s & Don’ts

While the rules of divorce are never black and white, there are certain measures that can be enacted to minimize the stress that often surrounds them. Contacting a skilled Phoenix divorce attorney from the Simon Law Group is the place to start, followed by these Divorce Do’s and Don’ts:


Plan ahead. Being caught off-guard, not understanding legal rights, and expecting the other side to play fair are often dangerous and costly mistakes. When children are involved, ensure the Court assigns a Temporary Order during the divorce proceeding to determine financial arrangements, parenting time, and other sensitive matters relating to your child during the divorce proceedings.

Follow the Consent Decree and all court orders to the letter. If ordered to pay spousal maintenance and/or child support in Arizona, do so promptly and exactly as ordered, or otherwise face going into arrears.

Prepare for joint legal decision-making (i.e. custody). As of January 1, 2013, Arizona courts moved away from primary custody arrangements in an effort to encourage shared parenting.

Communicate with the other side minimally, calmly, and only when necessary. If it still feels overwhelming, switch to email communication to take control of negative interactions.

For divorces involving child(ren), it’s important to praise the ex-spouse in front of minor(s) and encourage a loving relationship between the child(ren) and both parents.


Do it alone. A professional and experienced family lawyer from Arizona like those at Simon Law Group- can cut through the legal confusion that often accompanies the devastating emotional toll of divorce. Furthermore, a legal expert is the best way to ensure a fast and fair result, so all parties can feel vindicated and move forward.

Engage in combative behavior or make threats – even online. These actions will only provide ammunition for new motions or appeals.

Put children in the middle of the divorce: don’t use them as messengers – especially to communicate schedule changes – and don’t interrogate them for information about the other parent or the goings-on at the other household.

Rule out divorce mediation in Arizona. Due to the state’s new amendments to legal decision-making, it is highly recommended that spouses attempt to work out their differences and create schedules, parenting plans, and property allocations out of the Court.

Be afraid to call a professional for advice. Divorces are often painful, traumatic events that destroy self-esteem and raise constant doubts about rights, roles, and courses of action.

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