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Child Custody

Simon Law Group Fights for Your Family 

Recently separated, undergoing a divorce or simply updating your child custody agreement? Being in the middle of a child custody or familial dispute is never easy, that’s why you need a team of lawyers ready to fight for you and your children’s best interests. 

From negotiating child support, child custody, and visitation agreements to representation in divorce and custody proceedings, our team of lawyers are experts in Arizona family law and here to help you.

If you’re dealing with a child custody or familial dispute — don’t get the kids involved — pick up the phone and call Simon Law Group at 480-462-6049 today. 

Child Custody Lawyers in Tempe, AZ

Family Law Cases We Can Help With 

  • Child custody 

  • Child support 

  • Parental rights 

  • Child/parental relocation 

  • Divorce 

  • Alimony/Spousal support 

  • Grandparent visitation rights 

  • Third Party rights 

  • ...and more 

Simon Law Success Stories 

In family law, not a lot of cases start off great, but with our lawyers on your side, a happy ending is only a hearing away. Check out some of our success stories below: 

Mother of Two | April 2024 

Mother retained SLG to contest Father’s Petition to Modify Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time. The parties settled some of the issues at mediation and proceeded to trial on Father’s request to take the children to Europe and modification of child support. Father claimed monthly income between $4300-$5600 and sought child support from Mother of $389. Mother subpoenaed four of Father’s bank accounts. Evidence was presented that father’s true income was $12,500 per month, which the Court found to be reasonable. The Court ordered Father to pay child support of $793 per month. The Court also denied Father’s request for the children’s passport for travel to Europe. Mother was also awarded a reasonable portion of her attorney’s fees and costs. 

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