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Navigating the Housing Crisis – Why Divorced Couples Are Still Living Together

In most cases, a divorce will necessitate the parties living apart, most often in separate residences. After all, if the goal is to dissolve the marital bond, then moving away from one other to live as strangers would be one of the first steps toward doing so. However, everyone knows that the current economic situation isn’t the best. Inflation remains high, and the cost of housing remains even higher. This can lead to couples choosing to live together during and after their divorce. There are many reasons why couples may elect to put aside contention for pragmatism, including:


If it’s okay with both parties, they may simply choose to remain living together as their divorce plays out. Change can be enormously difficult, and a divorce can be enough of a change in and of itself. It may be more mentally healthy to remain in the same home and stagger the changes that come with a divorce until a later date.

Inability to Find Affordable Housing

The whole country is in a crisis when it comes to locating affordable housing. The average cost of a new home has far outstripped increases in the average wage. Many households are dual-income, and the process of splitting into two houses can easily leave both parties in a financial situation where finding any housing is completely out of reach. Living together during and after the divorce can be a purely pragmatic decision.

Desire to Share Expenses

Related to the cost of housing, inflation has raised the price of virtually all products and services. It may be easier for a couple to continue to live together even after the divorce so they can maintain the status of a dual-income household and make life easier.

For the Sake of the Children

If the couple has children together, it may be a pragmatic decision for them to remain living under the same roof while the children are still minors. This prevents some of the more deleterious lifestyle changes inherent to a divorce from being inflicted on the children. The largest of these is the need to transit between two distinct households.

Living Under the Same Roof May Complicate Your Divorce Process

While living under the same roof can be a pragmatic decision, it may also complicate your divorce process. In most jurisdictions, in order to attain a no-fault divorce, the law requires that the parties be living separately and apart. If you are living under the same roof, then you may have a harder time proving this to the court.

Consult an Attorney

If you are in the process of getting a divorce but still live with your spouse, our attorneys here at Simon Law Group (with over 80 years of combined trial experience) can help prove your case. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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