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Tips for Navigating Divorce– Setting a Good Example

two children covering their ears while parents argue about something

Divorce is the second most stressful life event on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, with marital separation ranking third. It may seem difficult to act calmly during this process, but divorce often involves divvying property, items, pets, and the time spent with children. Divorce as it is can be tough on children, but a negative parent can make the process much worse.

Keeping a Civil Environment in Front of Children

Sometimes it feels almost impossible not to speak poorly of the co-parent during a separation, but it’s crucial not to demonize the other person in front of your children. While we need those strong feelings to pull through this traumatic event, it can harm your child’s development. Even if you’re on the side of goodness and righteousness and the other person has behaved irredeemably, a child is not a chess piece to be used in a game of who’s right and wrong. Their parent is a part of them, half of their young life whether we like it or not. A child torn in two is damaged by the separation process, uprooting their lives and routines, changing living situations, and the two-parent system because of a divorce. If the children can hold on to or get back to a good view of the other parent, they will be stronger, and go through their early life easier than in the event of a messy separation.

What a ‘Good’ Divorce Looks Like

Settling financially during a divorce can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel negatively about your future after divorce heads into proceedings. It’s important to know your rights, keep perspective and a clear focus on what’s important, and try to retain some empathy for your spouse. Refraining from inflicting pain and hardship on your former spouse can help you move through the entire process faster so you can get back to focusing on yourself, your child, and your future. Another key part of a ‘good’ divorce, is having a trusted legal team to help you get through everything with what you and your child deserve at the end of the legal process.

Have a Trustworthy Legal Team

With over 80 years of experience concentrating on family law, Simon Law Group PLLC. is confident in our ability to obtain the best possible results for our clients seeking help with this complex and sensitive procedure as a divorce. Our firm has handled hundreds of jury and bench trials, high-asset disputes, and complicated paternity cases. Let us protect your rights and help you and your child move on to a brighter future today.



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