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How to Obtain an Arizona Motorcycle License

Whether it’s the longing to feel the open road on two wheels or the practicality of avoiding the traffic jams, obtaining a motorcycle license marks the beginning of a new, exciting chapter. For residents of Arizona who crave the rush of the wind in their hair and the spirit of adventure that comes with every turn, it’s essential to understand what it takes to ride legally. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the process of obtaining an Arizona motorcycle license — a crucial step for new riders and longtime motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Here’s how to gear up for your motorcycle license in the Grand Canyon State.

Understanding the Arizona Motorcycle License

Before you rev your engines, it’s important to grasp the unique features of an Arizona motorcycle license. Unlike standard driver’s licenses, motorcycle licenses do not expire until the driver’s 65th birthday, with the caveat of updated photos and eye tests every 12 years. For those in the age bracket of 60 and older, the motorcycle license is issued for five years. The state offers a range of license classes — M for motorcycles, G for graduated, D for operator, and A, B, C for commercial purposes. Temporary residents also have options, regardless of age or previous licensing history. 

Application Process

The process of applying for an Arizona motorcycle license is the gateway to your riding adventures. It begins with completing the driver’s license or identification card application, which you can find on the Arizona Department of Transportation website. You’ll need to meet specific requirements, which include age restrictions, holding an Arizona instructional permit for a minimum six months, and completion of a certified motorcycle driver education program.

For minors applying for the motorcycle license, there are additional qualifying factors, such as the need for parental consent and satisfactory completion of the driver education program. Motorcycle training schools certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation can also be a vital resource in preparing for your license application and even come with bonuses like road test exemption.

License Types and Endorsements

In the world of motorcycle licensing, the type of license and corresponding endorsements are crucial distinctions. A Class M license is the standard for motorcycle operation and the one most riders need, though Arizona does have other license types for specific situations. As Arizona law is written, riders with a class M license and commercial driver’s license (CDL) are able to: “…drive heavyweight vehicles, 26,001 lbs or more gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), vehicles capable of carrying 16 or more passengers (including the driver), or vehicles required to be placarded for hazardous material, in addition to a motorcycle.”

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an Arizona motorcycle license, you must meet several important criteria. The minimum age requirement is 16 years old if you’re applying for an initial motorcycle license. Holders of an Arizona instruction permit must be at least 16 years old and have completed the required instruction period without any violations.

If you’re an adult over 18 who is seeking their motorcycle license, simply apply by filling out the Driver License/Identification Card Application provided by the Arizona DMV.

Completion of an approved motorcycle rider training course is essential for honing your skills and allows you to be exempt from the state’s written and road tests. This course must be recognized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and its certificate or out-of-state equivalent will be your ticket to a faster licensing process.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

When it boils down to it, obtaining a motorcycle license in Arizona is quite easy. Just follow the rules and procedures listed above and with a little patience, you should have your license in no time.

Most importantly, follow all state laws for riding on public roads and always be a mindful rider.

If you find yourself injured while enjoying your motorcycle license, contact our motorcycle injury experts here at Simon Law Group today. Call 480-405-7568 for your free consultation today!

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