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A Glimpse at Arizona’s Order of Protection & Notice of Brady Process

If you’re facing domestic violence or threats in Arizona, knowing how to protect yourself legally is crucial. Arizona offers a robust legal mechanism through Orders of Protection. Additionally, a "Notice of Brady" Indicator can enhance your safety by restricting the abuser’s access to firearms. Here’s a straightforward guide on how this process works.


What is an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection is a court order designed to protect victims of domestic violence by imposing restrictions on the abuser. These restrictions can include no contact orders, requiring the abuser to move out of a shared residence, and prohibiting firearm possession.

Steps to Obtain an Order of Protection in Arizona

Filing the Petition

Begin by filing a petition at any court in Arizona. The petition should detail your relationship with the abuser and the reasons you need protection.

Judge's Review

A judge will review your petition. If they believe you need protection, they will issue a temporary Order of Protection. This can be done without the abuser present, known as an exparte order.

Serving the Order

The temporary order must be served to the abuser by law enforcement. The order only takes

effect once it has been served.


The abuser has the right to request a hearing to contest the order. If a hearing is requested, both parties will present their case, and the judge will decide whether to uphold, modify, or terminate the order.

What is a Notice of Brady Indicator?

A Notice of Brady Indicator is related to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which restricts firearm access for individuals under certain legal constraints. In the context of an Order of Protection, it further ensures the safety of the victim by limiting the abuser’s ability to possess firearms.

Issuance of the Notice of Brady

Arizona can issue a Notice of Brady without specifically finding that the abuser poses a credible threat. The key condition is that the Order of Protection explicitly prohibits the use or threatened use of physical force. Here’s how it works:

Explicit Prohibition

If the Order of Protection includes language that explicitly bans the abuser from using or threatening to use physical force, a Notice of Brady can be issued.

Firearm Restrictions

This notice restricts the abuser from purchasing or possessing firearms for the duration of the order.

Importance of the Notice of Brady

The Notice of Brady is an essential part of ensuring victim safety. By restricting the abuser’s access to firearms, the risk of further violence is significantly reduced. This preventive measure is vital for those in potentially dangerous situations.

Why This Matters

The combination of an Order of Protection and a Notice of Brady provides a comprehensive

approach to victim safety. Arizona’s legal system allows for quick action to protect individuals

without needing an extensive threat assessment, thus offering immediate and effective protection.

Call Simon Law Today

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or threats, getting help first and then understanding how to obtain an Order of Protection in Arizona is critical. This legal tool, along with the Notice of Brady Indicator, offers substantial protection by imposing strict restrictions on the abuser.

For more information on filing an Order of Protection in Arizona, speak with Simon Law Group today. With over 80 years of combined experience in family law, Simon Law Group knows how to protect their clients while getting results. Set up your free consultation online or by calling 480-745-2450 today!

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