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Family & Divorce Law

With 35 years of experience concentrating in all areas of AZ family law matters including divorce, legal separation, legal decision making/custody, support and grandparents’ rights, Simon Law Group is profoundly capable of obtaining positive results for clients seeking assistance in this sensitive and complex area. Simon Law Group has handled hundreds of jury and bench trials, from straightforward paternity cases to complicated, high-asset disputes. No matter the issue, Simon Law group has remained consistently committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client. Simon Law Group understands the intricate nature of family law and divorce cases, and works with clients to conclusively solve the challenging issues that often arise from it, such as:

  • Protecting client rights

  • Establishing child support and spousal maintenance in Arizona

  • Providing a thorough parenting plan and assisting in modifications

  • Fairly dividing assets

  • Determining legal fees

Family Law Services

Divorce Do's & Don'ts

While the rules of divorce are never black and white, there are certain measures that can be enacted to minimize the stress that often surrounds them during the time of a divorce.

Divorce With Children in Phoenix (child custody)

The stages for divorces with children are the same as without children. However, because of the complicated and sensitive nature of raising children together, cases with minors are often more complex and hostile.

Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption

Adoption and termination of parental rights tend to go hand-in-hand; however, while adoption can’t take place without the termination of parental rights in AZ, the termination of rights doesn’t always lead to an adoption.

Guardianship & Non-Parental Custody

Establishing legal control over another’s child often takes place in the form of guardianship or non-parental custody. While both may also be appointed for adults deemed unfit to care for themselves,

Divorce Modification With Children

As with divorce modification in non-covenant marriages, a party involved in a divorce with children may choose to have the Decree of Dissolution re-examined.

Divorce Without Children in Arizona

In Arizona, the divorce procedure for married couples without children usually follows a predictable set of legal steps that ultimately result in the Court’s official ruling to end the marriage.

Legal Decision Making & Parenting Time

In 2013, Arizona courts amended the child custody laws. In efforts to encourage parents to work together and to provide each with fair time, sole custody or weekends-only situations are now less likely.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents fill an important role in raising today’s children, commonly stepping in and taking care of young ones where parents cannot. Often more financially stable than their children, grandparents may also be able to offer essential monetary support.

Divorce Modification Without Children

In some cases, immediately following a judge’s ruling, ex-spouses decide to re-visit the judge’s final decision in order to modify some of the decisions made as a result of it.

Business Valuation in Divorce

Any division of assets and property is a difficult task in a divorce. However, when two spouses share a business together, it is extremely complicated to construct a property division in Arizona this satisfies both parties.

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