Reasons You Could Lose Custody of Your Child

Posted on 16th September 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Determining child custody during a divorce is a complex emotional issue. Ideally, the child should benefit from parental involvement and care from both parents which can be navigated through co-parenting, parenting plans, and joint custody arrangements. Even if the custody arrangement doesn’t split the time 50/50, a child should be able to maintain a relationship with […]

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5 Questions To Ask a Family Law Attorney

Posted on 10th September 2020 by in Family Law

When you’re looking for a family law attorney, it’s important to know what questions to ask them before you retain their services. Since hiring an attorney and fighting for custody is no simple matter, it’s important for you to be informed and ensure a good professional match in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Here are […]

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Understanding the Difference Between Sole Legal Custody and Sole Physical Custody

Posted on 1st September 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

During divorce proceedings, many parents report that they would prefer to get sole legal decision making (custody) of their child or children. But what does this mean? What are the ramifications and likelihood of achieving this outcome? Defining “Sole Legal Decision Making/Custody” and “Sole Physical Custody” First of all, it’s important to understand that there […]

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Establishing Paternity

Posted on 27th August 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Arizona law protects a father’s right to create an emotional bond and connection with their child and there’s no doubt of importance of a father’s presence in their child’s life. But unwed fathers of children have no claim on their child legally. To pursue any legal action regarding the child, the father must establish legal paternity. […]

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What Are Your Options for Collecting Child Support?

Posted on 22nd August 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Child support can be one of the most contentious ongoing points of a divorce, especially when one party isn’t meeting their obligations for support. According to federal census data, failure to pay child support is severely problematic around the country. In fact, in 2013, only 45% of custodial parents obtained the child support they were […]

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Writing a Pet Custody Agreement

Posted on 17th August 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Pets enhance our lives with love and companionship. Some people create a strong emotional bond with their pet and consider them a member of the family or like a child. Unfortunately, during a divorce, the pet will become a point of contention as to who will get custody of the animal. Getting the law involved […]

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Understanding the Process of Filing for Divorce

Posted on 30th July 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Once you’ve decided to divorce your spouse, the process of filing for divorce begins. There are many things that one must do before filing in order to prepare, but what does the actual process look like? For many, the divorce process is long and confusing, and it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. An […]

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Understanding Custody Terms

Posted on 24th July 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

The most difficult part of navigating a divorce with dependent children is working out the custody arrangement. Care for the your child or children must continue after the divorce, and you and your ex must work together to develop a parenting plan. A parenting plan determines where the child will live and how much time they […]

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