How Do I Get Visitation Rights in Arizona?

It’s important for the growth and development of a child for the important adults in their lives to remain that way, even if (or especially if) their parents break up. This goes for grandparents and step-parents just as well as biological parents, both married and unmarried. Fortunately, Arizona family law agrees on this, and tries […]

How To Get Child Visitation Rights in Arizona

It can be heartbreaking to be separated from a child you are close to. Fortunately, in Arizona the courts will often award visitation rights, regardless of whether you are one of the child’s parents. Here is everything you need to know about getting visitation rights in Arizona. Getting Visitation Rights as a Parent In Arizona, […]

Understanding Non-Parent Visitation Rights

Families come in all types and sizes. When yours is complex and a parent or guardian is in custody of a child you have a relationship with, it can be emotionally difficult. In some cases, you won’t have a say over when you get to visit the child. However, there are some specific things you can […]

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Visitation Rights in Arizona

Domestic violence causes long-term damage to children. It can slow your child’s development, cause permanent physical injuries, and inflict emotional trauma that can ripple throughout their lifetime. Arizona courts strive to protect children from domestic violence and can restrict or revoke visitation rights for individuals who are suspected of abusing a child. Establishing the Presence of […]