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How should I testify at my deposition?

Before every case goes to trial, witnesses will be required to give a deposition. This is the out-of-court sworn testimony that is used to gather evidence beforehand, and may, in some cases, be used during the trial, as well. As the person who is being deposed, you are known as the ‘deponent’. We posted last… Read more »

5 Things To Know About Parenting Coordinators

Navigating the already challenging world of parenthood with someone you’ve had such a stormy history with is not easy. Even the most amicable of divorced couples face differences in opinion that can be incredibly difficult, especially for the children involved. And for high-conflict scenarios, an unbiased party is a necessity to work through charged situations…. Read more »

Family Law from an Experienced Phoenix Family Law Attorney

If a party is seeking modification of legal decision making and parenting time, the Court is required to make specific findings on the record and determine the best interests of the children pursuant to A.R.S.§25-403.  Christopher K. v. Markaa S., 1CA-Civ 12-0305 (Division One, October 31, 2013).  Father sought modification of custody and physical discipline… Read more »

Can an Extramarital Affair Affect a Divorce Outcome? Ask Experienced Phoenix Divorce Attorneys

Although Arizona is a no fault state, in certain circumstances an affair can be used in the allocation of assets.  If a spouse spent a significant amount of money on expensive jewelry, exotic vacations, or other significant gifts, this can be used in support of a “wasting” claim against that spouse.  You may be able… Read more »


TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS DUE TO ABANDONMENT In a recent case the Arizona Court of Appeals held that “a parent who has persistently and substantially restricted the other parent’s interaction with their child may not prove abandonment based on evidence that the other has only had limited involvement with the child.”  In the case of… Read more »


CASE LAW UPDATE – TREATING DOCTORS ARE NOT ENTITLED TO “REASONABLE COMPENSATION FOR TESTIMONY” The Arizona Court of Appeals recently ruled in Sanchez v. Hernandez pursuant to Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 26(b)(4) treating physicians are not entitled to reasonable compensation for providing testimony concerning diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.  This will encourage the abuse of… Read more »


Arizona Revised Statutes § 25-320(A) abrogates the court to apply the Arizona Child Support Guidelines in determining the appropriate amount of child support to be awarded in every case. The Arizona Child Support Guidelines further expressly provide that, (among other things) where parents combined adjusted gross income is greater than $20,000.00 per month: (T)he amount… Read more »