5 Tips for Making Long Distance Parenting Work

Long distance parenting can be a challenging situation. It’s hard being separated from your kids, and the distance can lead to resentment and friction with your co-parent. Regardless of your custodial status, here are a few tips for making long distance parenting work. Have a good parenting plan in place. One of the first things […]

Long Distance Parenting in Arizona

Making up a parenting plan and dividing rights between co-parents is relatively easy when both parents live close by, but what about when they don’t? If you or your co-parent has to live far away for work, how does that change things? Here is everything you need to know about long distance parenting in Arizona. […]

What Long Distance Parenting Means for You

Arizona courts prefer to split legal decision making and parenting time as equally as possible between two parents in a custody agreement, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you have to move too far away for a more equal split of parenting time, what will that mean for your relationship with your […]

Long Distance Parenting: Staying Involved in Your Child’s Life

One of the top priorities for parents who are long distance parenting during or after a divorce is staying involved in the child’s life. While this may be more difficult from far away, it is possible to do and have a successful relationship with your child. There are a number of ways that you can stay actively […]

Staying Connected to Your Child Over Long Distance

When divorced parents live far apart, it’s common for children to live full-time and attend school under the care and custody of just one parent. Long-distance parenting arrangements often include spending the summer with the non-custodial parent or alternating holidays. These arrangements may also make provisions for staying in touch with children remotely. This year, […]

Long Distance Parenting During COVID-19

Long distance parenting can be difficult, and there may be stretches of time where you can’t see your child. During a pandemic, a little distance can feel even longer, especially when you can’t go anywhere. Here’s how you can adapt your current parenting strategy to support your child when they need it most. It will not […]

What Are the Rules of Long-Distance Parenting in Arizona?

Long-distance parenting is becoming increasingly common, and it is essential to understand how this will affect your parenting time in Arizona. Long-distance parenting rules apply when children move more than 100 miles away from the other parent. The rules also apply when the distance is less but includes travel across state lines. Whenever possible, you […]