Setting Up a Fair Holiday Visitation Schedule in Arizona

While you’re negotiating a parenting plan with your co-parent, it’s important to have everything spelled out as specifically as possible, in order to prevent fighting later on. Planning for holiday visitation in advance is especially important, as emotions are already up around the holidays, and any conflict is likely to be exacerbated. Holidays and Special […]

Setting Up a Holiday Visitation Schedule

A parenting agreement is important because it spells out everything in detail, avoiding future fights between co-parents about things like education, extracurricular activities, and of course, holidays. Holiday visitation should be figured out and written down in your parenting agreement at the time of your divorce, saving you from fighting and potentially even litigation in […]

Holiday Visitation Issues and How To Handle Them

If you’re a parent who is currently going through a divorce, you will definitely understand the struggles of creating a schedule for sharing custody with your ex-spouse. There are many factors you must consider when making your visitation schedule, and one of the biggest is how you will handle holidays throughout the year. And with […]

How to Handle Holiday Visitation in Arizona

The holidays are supposed to be special, but for many families, they can be stressful and emotionally charged following a divorce. When parents are determining holiday visitation schedules, it is always best to put the interests and well-being of the child first. Doing so will go a long way toward ensuring that everyone has an opportunity […]