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6 Tips for Moving Forward After a Divorce

Getting a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. But, just like all difficult situations, we tend to come out of them with more understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In the case of divorce, we can even move become healthier, if we choose, and make improvements… Read more »

Preparing for Divorce (With or Without Children)

If you are considering a divorce, or have been served with divorce papers, it is a very difficult and stressful position to be in. Divorce is never easy, however as divorce attorneys, it is our job to help it go as smoothly as possible to reduce stress, expense, and emotional toll on all those involved…. Read more »

Can An Arizona Divorce Be Undone?

Generally speaking in Arizona, a divorce decree cannot be set aside. Rule 85, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, provides that a judgment under certain circumstances can be set aside, if the motion is filed within a reasonable time and for reasons such as surprise, excusable neglect, newly discovered evidence, fraud, etc. However, the motion… Read more »

Business Valuation In Divorce Cases

The type or amount of evidence/documentation necessary to establish the value of a business in a divorce case varies. In the recent Virginia case of Hugh v. Hugh the Appellate Court was asked to review the Trial Court’s value of the couple’s interest in a semi-conductor brokerage business. The bulk of the testimony came from… Read more »

Can My Former Spouse Modify The Terms Of Our Divorce Decree 18 Months After The Decree Is Signed?

Rule 85, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP), specifies that any action/motion for relief must be brought “within a reasonable time” and where based on mistake, inadvertence, surprise, excusable neglect, newly discovered evidence which cannot have been discovered in time to move for a new trial, fraud, misrepresentation, or other misconduct of an adverse… Read more »

For gay couples, divorce comes with extra costs

Eun Kyung Kim TODAY Aug. 6, 2013 at 4:01 AM ET When Jason Dottley and his husband ended their marriage last year, neither bothered to hire a lawyer because the couple agreed they had nothing to fight over. “Lawyers are what you get when things get difficult,” Dottley figured. He had no idea just how… Read more »


While divorce in our country is declining, “gray divorces” are increasing, i.e. divorces among couples ages 50 and older have doubled in the past two decades. “Gray Divorce” refers to those who divorce after age 50. In 2009, over 600,000 people over 50 divorced. According to the Wall Street Journal’s March 3, 2012 edition, this… Read more »

Divorce in Arizona

Divorce in Arizona Laws If you are a woman considering a divorce in Arizona, I would like to explain to you many of the questions and considerations you should think about before you go forward with the divorce.  There are many different ways to handle a divorce case.  When you first come into an attorney’s… Read more »