Five Child Visitation Scenarios

Are you wondering what child visitation might have in store for you? Technically, child visitation is known by the Arizona courts as parenting time, and can be assigned independently of decision making rights (Arizona’s term for custody). Depending on how mediation and court goes, there are a number of ways you could be granted child […]

A Brief History of Child Custody Laws in the United States

In the early 20th century, divorce wasn’t as common, as it was considered taboo. As women gained more rights and freedoms, the divorce rate began to skyrocket. And over time, divorce laws, especially those surrounding child custody and child visitation rights, began evolving. Here, we’ll take a look at the history of child custody law in […]

Virtual Child Visitation for Parents During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced just about everyone in the country to adjust to a new routine. For separated parents with shared custody, routine is relative, and very easily upended, even in the best of times. While stay-at-home recommendations are in effect, it’s sometimes hard to make judgement calls that will honor your court ordered […]

Child Visitation When Mom & Dad Are Unmarried

Roughly 50% of all births in Arizona occur in unmarried couples. This creates unique challenges when the couple goes their separate ways. However, in the eyes of the law, both parents retain the same custody rights as married couples. Establishing Paternity When a couple is unmarried, and there is not a court order that establishes […]