Arizona Child Support FAQs

Raising a child is expensive, as we all know. Unfortunately, when two parents split up, the expense may unfairly burden one parent more than the other. To compensate, Arizona courts try to divide the expense more fairly. Here are a few common questions about Arizona child support. What is the goal of child support? It’s […]

Navigating Child Support in Arizona

Raising kids is an expensive proposition, and Arizona courts recognize that it usually requires two parents’ earnings to make it happen comfortably. That’s why, even though Arizona courts prefer to keep both parents equally involved in the child’s life, they also recognize that earning differences, parenting time differences, and who is paying the expenses may create […]

What Are Your Options for Collecting Child Support?

Child support can be one of the most contentious ongoing points of a divorce, especially when one party isn’t meeting their obligations for support. According to federal census data, failure to pay child support is severely problematic around the country. In fact, in 2013, only 45% of custodial parents obtained the child support they were […]

Collecting Child Support Arrears in Arizona

Child support is crucial for the health and welfare of children in Arizona. Contrary to what some parents think, divorce does not absolve a parent of their financial responsibilities to a child. It is a considerable problem in Arizona. That is why Arizona courts are stepping up their efforts to pursue “deadbeat” parents. In Arizona, […]