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How to Prevent a Dog Bite

After years of helping victims of dog bites, we’ve learned that being proactive and cautious around dogs is the best way to prevent being victimized. However, dogs are still animals, and even the most well-behaved dogs will bite in certain situations and even the most cautious humans can end up with a dog bite injury…. Read more »

Driverless Cars – Who To Sue?

With the development of driverless cars from Google and other manufacturers claiming a crash free future, there remains numerous target defendants in the inevitable crashes. Automobile owners will have concerns about liability thereby there may be a reluctance to purchase driverless vehicles. Volvo cars, Google and Mercedes Benz all claim to promise to accept liability… Read more »

The Fundamentals on Personal Injury Law

Read below for a summary of the basics of personal injury law. What is a “Personal Injury” Case? “Personal injury” cases are legal arguments that arise when individual A suffers bodily harm from an accident or injury, and individual B may be legally responsible for individual A’s harm. A personal injury case may be resolved… Read more »

Public Transportation & Personal Injury: What You Can Do

According to the American Public Transportation, more than 30 million people use some form of public transportation every day to get to a variety of places – including work, school, sporting events, along with many other varied errands and leisure activities. From trains, busses and trolleys, to taxis, planes, ferries and shuttles, most common carriers… Read more »

Recent Case Update: Volunteer Group Not Responsible for Fight Between Intoxicated Patrons

The Kingsmen of Route 66, Inc. are a volunteer group that assists in running Rodeo Days in Kingman, Arizona. Immediately following Rodeo Days a fight broke out in the parking lot between two intoxicated customers, one of who was seriously injured.  The injured patron sued the security company at Rodeo Days, the promoter Dunbar Entertainment,… Read more »


PREMISES LIABILITY LAW Louisa Harris was employed by a law firm and was injured when her right foot rolled in an unfilled gap between two rows of terracotta tile in the flooring outside of her law firm’s door. This was a common walkway that Ms. Harris had used many times in the past. She filed… Read more »