5 Signs You May Qualify for Spousal Maintenance “Alimony”

Getting spousal maintenance or alimony can be a little tougher than getting child support, because unlike with child support, there is no formula for calculating the amount of support for an ex-spouse. Also known as spousal support or maintenance, alimony is mostly dependent on the judge, so it can be fairly subjective. The best way to […]

How To Estimate Alimony

Getting a divorce can be especially scary when you’re worried about how to support yourself during and after the divorce.  Spousal support/alimony can be an option, but how much could you actually get? The answer requires an understanding of Arizona laws on spousal support, a good attorney, and some guesswork using the following guidelines. Arizona’s […]

A Brief History of Alimony in the United States

The subject of alimony, or spousal support, can be a divisive one. Some see these legal obligations requiring one former spouse to pay the other as dated, while others believe the term should be shortened. So far, it looks like they’re here to stay. Ancient Babylon, Ecclesiastical Courts, and Fault-Based Divorces The history of alimony […]