Recent Successes and Notable Settlements

Father Overturns Order Of Protection

Father retained Simon Law Group to establish paternity, legal decision making, parenting time and child support. Shortly before the petition was filed, Mother filed an Order of Protection against Father naming all three children on the Petition for Order of Protection. The Court granted the Order of Protection and father requested a hearing. Mother testified… Read more »

Mother Transfers Oklahoma Divorce To Arizona

Mother retained Simon Law Group to domesticate her Oklahoma divorce decree. Mother and her child relocated from Oklahoma to Arizona approximately three (3) years ago and Father relocated to Texas. Mother then filed a request for a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdictional Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) Hearing requesting that the Arizona Court contact the Oklahoma Court and… Read more »

Husband Won Against Former Wife’s Motion To Modify Divorce Decree

Husband retained Simon Law Group to respond to former Wife’s Motion to Modify the Divorce Decree, Spousal Maintenance, and Obtain Property. Wife filed her Motion 18 months after the Divorce Decree was entered by the Court. Wife claimed that she had expressed suicidal ideations, sought counseling from her pastor, and had just recently recovered from… Read more »


Mother retained Simon Law Group to modify Father’s parenting time, increase child support and recover medical and orthodontia expenses that Father had yet to pay. Mother was awarded primary custody and attorneys’ fees. In its award of attorneys’ fees the Court noted that Father acted unreasonably in the litigation, including, failing to file the required… Read more »

Father Awarded Primary Residential Parent and Child Support from Mother

Father retained Simon Law Group to represent him at a temporary orders hearing for his divorce. Parties had four minor children ages 11 through 15. Mother was seeking sole legal decision making for the two younger children and requesting the court grant sole legal decision making of their two older children to Father. Evidence presented… Read more »