Ms. A retained Simon Law Group to represent her in a divorce with one minor child. The parties were married for five years. Father abandoned Mother and the minor child approximately one year ago and did not voluntarily pay any child support. Mother, through Simon Law Group, filed a petition for temporary orders and was awarded child support in the amount of $800.00 for the first seven months following the father’s abandonment. The court then awarded Mother $1,400.00 a month for child support from March first up until the trial. Father paid only $800.00 in child support despite having arrears of $14,000.00.

Mother filed for contempt at trial. Father was held in contempt and taken into custody immediately following the trial. Father was taken into custody and the court set a purge amount of $14,500.00.

Mother was awarded sole legal decision making. Father was required to go through therapeutic ramification before he could have any parenting time with the two and half year old child.