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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle accidents are the second largest cause of wrongful deaths in America. 37,757 people were killed as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Many of these types of wrongful deaths in Arizona are caused by distracted, alcohol-impaired or reckless drivers.

Wrongful Death Law in Tempe, AZ

Arizona Wrongful Death – Comparative Negligence Laws

Wrongful death cases are always complicated. First, families are dealing with tremendous loss. Second, everyone potentially responsible for the wrongful death will try to point fingers at other potential causes. Arizona is a comparative negligence state, where fault and damages are imposed based on the percentage of responsibility each party has for the wrongful death.

Who is entitled to Recover?

Under the Arizona wrongful death statute only certain family members may receive compensation for the loss of a family member. Those entitled to seek compensation include the surviving spouse, children and parents of the deceased. Siblings cannot recover. Do not sign anything without consulting an Arizona wrongful death attorney. Agreeing to anything could impact your legal rights. Many families of wrongful death victims fail to properly account for the long-term financial impact that losing a loved one will have. Simon Law Group has been handling wrongful death cases for over 40 years.

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