Motorcycle Injury Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Motorcycle injury is a serious event that deserves serious attention.  When it’s time to call a local Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, you want to make sure that you hire the services of someone who specializes in this area. At Simon Law Group, our experience and knowledge can make all the difference when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve.

You love your motorcycle, but you’re also aware of the risks when you’re out on the road. One negligent driver can turn a pleasant day’s ride into a nightmare. It can get worse if the responsible party’s insurance company does not want to give you the compensation you need to recover physically and financially from your motorcycle injury. When you hire the services of Simon Law Group, we’ll know how to make sure they pay!

Items to Consider in your Motorcycle Injury Case

Medical costs for injuries, financial difficulties due to lost time at work and long-term physical therapy are things to consider in your case. Lawyers for the other side’s insurance company will try to minimize your losses, but we’ll make sure to present all the facts supporting your case. From consulting with medical professionals to determining the consequences of loss of income, we’ll leave no stone unturned when representing you.

If you suffer a motorcycle injury you need a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, hire the experienced professionals at Simon Law Group. We give you the personalized and focused attention you need to get the best outcome for your case. We are a fully licensed and insured firm, and we offer free consultations and appointment flexibility for your convenience. Trust your case to the experts: call us today!

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