Staying Safe from Drunk Driving This Holiday Season

As the holiday season arrives, parties become more regular, and the likelihood of drinking increases. Sadly, this means some people will choose to drink and drive, putting themselves and others at risk. Whether over-indulging at Thanksgiving, enjoying a company Christmas party, or celebrating the New Year, driving after drinking – even driving buzzed, isn’t acceptable.

The costs associated with a DUI or DWAI are just the tip of the iceberg if you choose to drink and drive. You put your life at risk, and may face a lawsuit if you injure or kill another person. Is one night drinking and driving worth a life in prison?

Options for Avoiding Drunk Driving

Pre-plan to use a ride sharing option such as a cab, bus, Uber, Lyft or other transportation.

Assign a designated driver before you go out.

Book a room near or at the location of the party.

Choose to not drink/ offer to be the designated driver for others.

Host the party at your own home.

Call a friend or family member to get you.

Pledge to yourself and your loved ones that you will never drive drunk.

Keeping Yourself Safe from Drunk Drivers

Always wear your seat belt.

Keep a safe distance from other drivers.

Report drivers who appear to be drunk – swerving, driving erratically, falling asleep.

Avoid driving late at night when drunk drivers may be leaving a bar or party. Stay on major roads.

Be extra cautious at intersections, slowing and looking both ways.

Be alert and ready to make evasive moves if needed.

What to do if You are Injured by a Drunk Driver

Call 911 to report any injuries and be taken care of immediately

Contact a personal injury attorney to become aware of your rights

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