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5 Things to Know In Making a Case for Premises Liability

In commercial buildings, private residences, or on public property, faulty design, shoddy construction, poor maintenance or dangerous clutter can lead to slipping, falling, or even being struck by a falling object. Here are some things to know as you decide if you have a case for premises liability. 1. Two Basic Liability Rules.    … Read more »

Judge Slashes Neurosurgery Expert’s $7,000 Fee in Automobile Injury Case

Neurosurgeons might be able to charge more than other experts for their deposition testimony but $7,000 for two hours is "near to being extortionate," a New Jersey federal magistrate judge says. As a consequence of her Dec. 30 ruling, the defendants in Crawford v. American Legion Ambulance Association, 08-cv-2338, will not have to pay more… Read more »

Van Driver on Cell Phone Broadsides Car: Negligent Operation of Vehicle Nets 4.1 Million Dollar Settlement

In the recent Illinois case of Barnes v. Svec, III., the Circuit Court took a dim view of a defendant driver who was not paying attention while on his cell phone. Barnes, 71, was driving her car when a van broadsided her after allegedly running a red light. Barnes suffered numerous injuries, including massive internal… Read more »

Landowner Not Responsible for Injuries Sustained by Motorists Who Hit a Cow That Wandered onto Roadway.

On September 16, 2003 Ronald and Tonya Brookover were traveling on Salome Highway which runs through open range land. The Brookover’s were traveling at approximately 55 mph when Ronald saw a cow ahead and he then slowed down. Unfortunately, he was unable to avoid a second cow, which he struck with the right front portion… Read more »

Injured Baseball Player Could Prove Loss of Future Earnings With Expert Testimony Concerning Prospects

In Mr. Felder’s case, he was injured while taking batting practice at Physiotherapy’s facility in Tempe. Ken Felder had been drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1992, in 1996 he injured his elbow. He had surgery and missed the rest of the 1997 season. While he was receiving rehabilitation treatment at Physiotherapy, he would throw… Read more »