Navigating Child Support in Arizona

Raising kids is an expensive proposition, and Arizona courts recognize that it usually requires two parents’ earnings to make it happen comfortably. That’s why, even though Arizona courts prefer to keep both parents equally involved in the child’s life, they also recognize that earning differences, parenting time differences, and who is paying the expenses may create […]

How to Get Full Custody of Your Child

One of the most stressful parts of any divorce or child custody legal battle is the uncertainty of the future. Having someone else involved in all of your parenting decisions can cause a lot of anxiety about your child’s well-being, especially if you have valid reasons for wanting to minimize your ex’s influence. It may […]

How To Establish Fathers’ Rights in Arizona

Going through a divorce or a custody battle is tough, but it can be scary for fathers who are afraid of losing their parenting rights. Thankfully, Arizona prefers to keep kids with both their parents as much as possible unless there is a legitimate reason why doing so would not be in the best interest […]

Deciding Ownership of a Small Business After Divorce

There are roughly 32 million businesses in the United States. With around 2.4 million divorces each year, you can rest assured that you are not the first divorcing couple to have addressed what to do with the business. This is a common task, and your divorce attorney in Arizona can guide you through the necessary […]

A Brief History of Alimony in the United States

The subject of alimony, or spousal support, can be a divisive one. Some see these legal obligations requiring one former spouse to pay the other as dated, while others believe the term should be shortened. So far, it looks like they’re here to stay. Ancient Babylon, Ecclesiastical Courts, and Fault-Based Divorces The history of alimony […]

Who Gets the Dog? The Rise of Pet Custody Battles

Divorce is always messy, especially when pets are involved. In many modern marriages, couples are having fewer children. Studies have discovered that instead millennials are choosing furry companions over children. When divorce occurs for these couples, they must consider pet custody along with all the other decisions involved with splitting up. Fur Baby Boom Millennials […]

Retirement Savings: Dividing, Managing, and Protecting Your Assets During a Divorce

While overall divorce rates across the United States are declining, the “gray divorce” rate has risen dramatically. After a lifetime of working towards a future as a couple, many individuals aged 50+ face difficult decisions regarding equitably dividing retirement assets and keeping some of the tarnish off the golden years. As with any division of […]

Take the Stress Out of Your Holiday Visitation Schedule

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. It’s when you get to create beautiful memories, reminisce about shared experiences, and reconnect with one another. When you’re a parent, this time of year has its own special magic that you want to share with your children. The holidays are full of […]

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Current statistics have found that around 39 percent of marriages will end in divorce. Divorce is a tricky reality that many people face. Divorce is not something that can be taken lightly and is something that is very difficult to handle on your own. It may seem like a straightforward process, but there are many […]

Preparing for Your Child Custody Hearing

A child custody hearing can make any parent nervous. So much depends on the outcome for you and your family. However, thoughtful preparation ahead of time can help you alleviate nerves and put your best foot forward during the proceedings.  Preparing clients for hearings is an important part of an attorney’s role. Before scheduled court […]