Protecting Parental Rights: What to Do When Faced with Court Orders

Navigating a divorce is emotionally challenging, even in seemingly straightforward cases. The complexity intensifies when children are involved, leading discussions about custody and parenting time to become explosive and legally intricate disputes. Regardless of the perceived simplicity of your case, it is crucial to take every necessary step to safeguard your parental rights during a […]

How to Limit the Effects on Children in Divorce

The parents of children who are separated need to be very careful about how they deal with them. If possible, they should try not to let their separation affect the children. This is more easily said than done, but it can often be achieved by a combination of three things: 1. Making sure that your […]

Who Gets Medical Decision-Making in an Arizona Custody Battle?

If you’re at the beginning or about to launch a child custody case, you probably are feeling overwhelmed with questions and unknowns. An important question on many parents’ minds at this stage is who will have medical decision-making power over the children. While ultimately only the court can answer this question, we can provide some […]

Understanding Legal Custody in Arizona

If you’re going through a child custody case in Arizona, you’re probably hearing a lot of terms you aren’t familiar with, such as legal custody, decision-making rights, physical custody, parenting time, sole custody, and joint custody. Here is everything you need to know about how Arizona breaks down child custody, and what that means for […]

How to Navigate Relocation During Divorce With Children

Divorce is difficult on everyone involved, parents and children alike, but even more so when one parent is relocating. Relocation can be necessary for many reasons, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Here are a few recommendations for how to navigate relocation with children during or after a divorce. When Do You Need to […]

5 Tips for Making Long Distance Parenting Work

Long distance parenting can be a challenging situation. It’s hard being separated from your kids, and the distance can lead to resentment and friction with your co-parent. Regardless of your custodial status, here are a few tips for making long distance parenting work. Have a good parenting plan in place. One of the first things […]

Setting Up a Fair Holiday Visitation Schedule in Arizona

While you’re negotiating a parenting plan with your co-parent, it’s important to have everything spelled out as specifically as possible, in order to prevent fighting later on. Planning for holiday visitation in advance is especially important, as emotions are already up around the holidays, and any conflict is likely to be exacerbated. Holidays and Special […]

5 Tips for Going Through a Divorce With Kids

Going through a divorce can be difficult enough for yourself, but it makes it even more painful to watch your children hurting, too. Divorce impacts kids in different ways than adults, but it can be harder for them since they don’t understand what’s going on, and may blame themselves. Here are five tips for going […]

How Do I Get Visitation Rights in Arizona?

It’s important for the growth and development of a child for the important adults in their lives to remain that way, even if (or especially if) their parents break up. This goes for grandparents and step-parents just as well as biological parents, both married and unmarried. Fortunately, Arizona family law agrees on this, and tries […]