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What is a Property Settlement Agreement in Divorce?

If you are considering a divorce, or going through one, you have learned that you require a PSA or Property Settlement Agreement. Simply put, a PSA sets out the terms of the divorce and becomes a contract between the couple regarding parenting (custody and parenting time), child support, alimony (also known as spousal support), and… Read more »

Divorce Modification in Arizona

There are times where making changes to the judge’s divorce decree may be needed by one or both parties. This is called a divorce modification and it begins with either filing for a new trial or filing an appeal. Typically in a divorce that includes children, the change is in regards to Custody and Decision-Making…. Read more »

Understanding Spousal Maintenance in Arizona

Some aspects of divorce, such as child support and division of assets, are issues that can be predicted by judges and attorneys, but spousal maintenance is not one. Highly unpredictable, spousal support is based on a formula that takes into consideration both the duration and amount awarded. In Arizona, this is the Maricopa County Spousal… Read more »

7 Steps to Take When Getting a Divorce

Divorce is a trying time for everyone involved, but you must try to remain calm and stay focused on the important tasks that must be accomplished to successfully navigate this process. Rational planning is a critical part of the divorce process. The following is a guide to help plan and organize for what is ahead…. Read more »

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Divorce?

Arizona ranks among the highest in divorce rates according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Thirteenth in the nation, Arizona divorce rates are 15% higher than the national average. If you are in Arizona and are considering a divorce, you are likely looking at your options including whether or not you need a lawyer…. Read more »

12 Ways to Help Your Kids Through a Divorce

Arizona ranks 13th in divorce in the United States, meaning nearly 1 in 4 families will go through the divorce process. Several of these families involve minor children, and how they cope has a lot to do with how the parents handle the separation. Kids are resilient and will learn to accept the changes, however… Read more »