Automobile Accidents

Car Accidents & Emotional Impact

When people sustain serious injuries as a result of a car accident it can be devastating. They often wonder how they will afford to pay their medical bills, and how they will support their families during the time that they are recovering.

Car Accidents & Physical Injuries

Car accidents cause the body to accept a lot of energy in a very short period of time. The severity of the injuries may range from bruises, fractures and soft tissue injuries to more serious spinal injuries and brain injuries that may cause devastating, life altering, debilitating injuries such as paralysis and even death.

Car Accidents – Contributing Factors

Many times motor vehicle accidents are the result of error on the part of a driver. However, there can be many other factors that contribute to the occurrence of a motor vehicle accident such as bad roads, and defective conditions of state roadways, and road design. At times an accident will result from a defect with a driver’s vehicle, such as a tire blowout, brake failure, or other mechanical failure. Sometimes the injuries suffered in an accident will be made worse by a design or manufacturing defect with a vehicle, such as a design defect which makes an SUV more susceptible to rolling over in an accident or a gas tank more likely to ignite in a collision, or a manufacturing defect which causes a seatbelt to fail or an airbag to deploy improperly. Other contributing factors include bad weather or other distractions.

Legal Representation

Often the manner in which an accident occurred is a serious area of dispute in motor vehicle accident cases with both sides accusing the other of being at fault. You will need an experienced Personal Injury Trial Attorney to protect your right to collect the damages you have suffered & litigate your case. In order to bring a lawsuit for an automobile accident, you will need a trial attorney familiar with the specific laws regarding automobile, motorcycle, and possibly road design litigation. Road Design Defect cases often require sophisticated reconstruction of an accident in order to prove that the defendant was at fault. Engineers need to be hired along with accident reconstruction experts, or experts in another field and investigators will be hired to prove and win these cases.

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