Will I Have to Undergo a Medical Examination for a Personal Injury Case?

Any time you are seeking compensation for an injury, a medical examination is a routine requirement that will help bolster your case with the unbiased opinion of a medical expert.

While it may seem disconcerting to imagine yet another potentially intrusive examination, it is a fairly simple procedure that helps the courts and your attorneys to better assess your health and overall injuries.

The Medical Examination

Similar to any other check-up, a medical professional will examine you and ask you specific questions related to your injuries and overall health. You will probably be asked to complete a pre-examination questionnaire which will aid the doctor at that meeting. Be open and honest with the medical expert, answering their questions as fully as you can.

After the short appointment, generally lasting around half an hour, the doctor will create a detailed report on his or her findings. This will be shared with you for your approval before it is seen by anyone on the other side.

This doctor will not become involved in your treatment in any way, and is simply there to provide an expert opinion on your injuries as far as it pertains to the case. He or she should not make recommendations or be a part of your health care after the fact, either.

Your Records and General Health

Your medical records are private and confidential, and you will never be required to provide access to these documents. However, if a medical expert cannot fully review your records, he or she will be unable to make a full assessment, and will likely have to limit their opinion as being based only on the information that was made available to them. Such a report, while still useful, may not be as compelling as something that is more comprehensive.

In any case, only matters in your medical record that are directly related to your injuries need be considered by the expert. Even if they review all records, they will only consider and comment on relevant details of your general health.

If you have had previous health issues that could be directly related to the seriousness of your injuries, the medical expert may very well include references to these in their assessment. You still will have the opportunity to approve or refuse any final report, and don’t need to make that decision at the beginning of the examination.

While the report from a medical expert can be very valuable in a personal injury case, it is just one factor. Regardless of what part your past health may play in your current injuries, the degree to which the other party was negligent or at fault will still remain. Trust the experienced attorneys of Simon Law to prepare a case that will fight for your right to compensation after a serious injury.