When the Right People Don’t Call a Personal Injury Attorney

When we learn of people who have been injured but didn’t want to call a personal injury attorney, it’s disheartening. Sometimes the right people don’t call when they should. They don’t call because they feel bad for the person(s) who caused the injury, or they are worried about hurting the other party financially or emotionally by opening a lawsuit. They may think that their injuries aren’t that bad or that the insurance company provided a fair settlement amount.

What we’ve found in our 30+ years of experience is that getting a free consultation from a personal injury attorney is never a bad idea. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury law knows from experience how insurance companies work and how injuries can effect the short and long term health of victims.

Why People Don’t Call

There are still people who believe contacting a personal injury attorney is in bad taste, for several reasons. Sadly, this means they are often left to handle their pain, long term effects, and consequences without the support they could have received if they had engaged a lawyer.

It is part of a lawyer’s job to determine whether or not a potential client has a case or legitimate claim for damages. Ethics and education in law are specific to the type of law, as well as the specific jurisdiction of the laws and must be understood. Many people take this information for granted, assuming they understand what they are and aren’t entitled to.

A complimentary consultation with a personal injury attorney can clear up any misunderstanding or confusion about the applicable laws in your specific situation, so you can move forward with confidence and knowledge rather than assumptions.

Know Your Rights – Don’t Assume

Did you know that in Arizona, you don’t require an attorney for a personal injury claim? It’s true, however, legal help through an experienced personal injury attorney allows you to prove fault and the true value of damages so the fair and proper amount of compensation can be provided.

The compensation is designed to restore you back to the place you were prior to the accident as much as possible. In the case of devastating loss, there is no turning back time, and some individuals will have to deal with their new concept of normal. This pain and suffering is a real effect and is often overlooked by insurance companies offering a settlement, and/or the injured party who doesn’t feel comfortable with a legitimate personal injury claim.

What’s on the Line

Without understanding your rights and how injury compensation works, you will likely leave needed money on the table. You will pay out of pocket for injuries, including transportation to medical appointments and other medical costs. You may put your job in jeopardy and miss out on lost wages, suffer a wage decrease or even lose a promotion due to injuries. And, most often, you will not be compensated for pain and suffering.


Simon Law Group in Phoenix Arizona will use all their legal knowledge and resources to aggressively pursue your case to get you the best possible results in your personal injury case. Our professionalism, integrity, honesty and thoroughness means we will maximize your results. Our reputation in the insurance industry is that of honesty, and we will help you get the compensation you deserve, fairly. You have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free case review, but too much to lose by not.

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