What personal injury damages can I recover?

If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you’re likely focused on getting compensation–any compensation. But understanding the types of damages that can be recovered after a personal injury can help you plan for the process that’s ahead.

When filing a personal injury claim, here are some of the damages that you may be eligible to recover.

Medical expenses

This is the most obvious one, and often the easiest to argue, given all the records of the treatment you had to undergo after the incident. However, it’s important not to allow an insurance company or opposing counsel to undervalue this amount. In addition to the expenses that you have already incurred, your doctors and other experts should assess the likelihood of you needing further treatment–for further expense–in the future.

Pain and suffering

Perhaps the greatest variable in damages, pain and suffering seeks to take into account the misery you experienced due to the accident. You were in pain, had to give up activities you enjoyed, had to deal with the hassle of covering expenses, worrying about your recovery, and otherwise suffering. None of which would have happened were it not for the actions of the other person or entity.

There is no set amount for this damage, or even a way of calculating a likely final number. Every case is different, and you may not know until the very end how much your pain and suffering is worth.

Loss of earnings

Did you have to take off work? Eat up your sick time and vacation time? Every hour of time that you were unable to earn a living is money that you are owed compensation for in a personal injury case.


Even if you recovered from the injuries, health is relative. And unsightly scars and other permanent marks are reminders of the accident that you will have to carry with you always. Consider the embarrassment, or possible costs for cosmetic surgery that could lie ahead for you.

Damage to marital relations

A serious injury doesn’t just affect you, it affects your family, especially your partner. If you and your spouse suffered loss of society, affection, assistance, conjugal fellowship, or loss or impairment of sexual relationships, those damages are subject to compensation.


Sometimes, it was more than negligence that caused an accident. If a person’s illegal and reckless behavior was what lead to your injuries, punitive damages could be added to the amount they will already owe you, as a kind of monetary punishment.

Whatever the cause of the accident, if a jury determines that you were injured due to the foreseeable and preventable actions of another person or entity, you could recover damages for each of the above reasons.

Your best chance at full recovering the compensation that is owed to you is to work with a skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience representing others just like you. Call the Simon Law Group right away to learn more.