What Can I Claim Losses for After an Injury or Accident?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is often motivated by a need to pay medical bills and compensate for lost wages. But when it comes to all that you can lose out on after being seriously injured, there are many other items to factor into your case.

Here are some of the common losses that often come up when considering a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Vehicle Costs

Whether your vehicle was damaged in an accident, or you had to pay for a rental car while it was being repaired or loss of use, any costs related to your vehicle are generally included in an accident case. If your car was towed, any recovery charges could be claimed, as well as storage fees that became necessary while you were recovering from your injuries.

  • Diminished Value

In Arizona, property damage claims for a negligently damaged vehicle which is not a total loss include compensation for the cost of repair, residual diminution in fair market value, and loss of use. The amount of the loss is determined by the value of the vehicle immediately before and immediately after the damage.

  • Medical Treatment

These costs can include prescription medication in addition to physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic care, or counseling sessions. Any and all professional treatment that was necessary as a result of the injury or accident should be claimed.

  • Traveling Expenses

Were you injured while far from home? Did family or friends need to travel in order to care for you or help you get home? Car mileage, taxis, buses, or trains should be claimed, as well as hotel costs and cancellation fees that became necessary.

  • Domestic Care

Did you need help with everyday tasks or assistance getting around after your injury? If family, friends, or professionals were required to enable you to live out your life, these costs should be brought to the responsible party. Or perhaps your injury prevented you from taking care of a loved one for whom you are responsible. Child care and elder care costs are no small figure that should be included on the list.

  • Loss of Earnings

And any time you sustain an injury that incapacitates you to a degree that you are not able go to work to earn a paycheck, those costs should most definitely be claimed, and are often primary reasons for bringing about a personal injury claim.

There are many other potential costs that you could seek compensation for through a personal injury case. Any time expenses came up that wouldn’t have were it not for the accident, those are losses that directly resulted from the injury. Obtain as much evidence as possible that proves the causation between each cost, and help your personal injury lawyer build your case.

Ready to take the next step on your personal injury case? You have two years from the date of your accident to file, so meet with the accident experts of Simon Law Group for information on your next steps.