How Long Will My Claim Take to Settle?

If you’re involved in or about to be involved in a personal injury claim, one of the biggest questions you have may very well be, “How long till it take to settle my case?” The short answer to this is: it’s very hard to say. Many of the factors that decide the length of a case vary from individual to individual, and there’s no way to say for sure how long your own claim might last.

For undisputed personal injury claims that are relatively straight-forward, the final settlement could be reached within a couple of months. More complicated injury claims, however, may take much longer.

Here are some of the factors which influence how long your claim will take to settle.

  • Injuries – If your injuries have taken longer to manifest or to heal, your case may be delayed while the extent of your injuries are assessed and confirmed. This will help make sure the amount of damages you’ll be asking for is still appropriate for how badly you were hurt.
  • Disputes – Determining the cause of the injury and placing blame is one of the most lingering questions of a personal injury claim. The other party will likely argue at length that they were either not to blame or only partially to blame for your accident.
  • Insurance Companies – Often, insurance companies will try to delay their parts of the necessary proceedings, such as by neglecting to answer correspondence, or procrastinating when releasing settlement payments. There are Court Rules and Protocols that hold them to certain standards, however, so your attorney should be ready to follow up.
  • Medical Experts – Medical professionals who are approved to examine and give expert testimony on such cases are often in high demand. Available appointments or written reports after the fact may take time, holding up the next step.
  • Courts – The court process can sometimes be a slow one, and often daunting too. Long scheduled court dates and organizing multiple people to attend with many pieces of information can require some patience and diligence.

Of course you’ll be ready for the case to be finished as soon as it starts, but a thoroughly prepared case is better in the end than one that is speedy. Use the time to make sure you’ve covered every possible point with your legal representation, and focus on getting well again!

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