Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills after an Accident? Let’s Talk About Your Rights

After a car accident, the insurance company wants to create a little possible loss as possible for their company, which means they don’t have your best interest in mind. They may try to provide a fair settlement, but we have found many of these settlements to be very short sighted. Here are some of the most ways we see injured people give up their rights, and what to do instead.

They Take a Quick Insurance Settlement

When your medical bills begin to come in, you may be tempted to accept an insurance company settlement in order to get them paid, but don’t make this mistake. Instead, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if you have a case, or if the settlement being offered really is fair and sufficient.

A fair settlement will cover current and future medical bills. Talk to an experienced lawyer who knows how to calculate future medical expenses.

They Waive Their Rights

When you accept the insurance company’s settlement, you waive your right for future compensation. For example, you may go to the chiropractor for several visits for whiplash, but months later you begin to feel the effects of a concussion. If you have already taken a settlement, the doctor care for the concussion will come out of your pocket.

It’s important to wait on accepting a settlement until the full effects of the accident are known. A personal injury attorney understands how injuries can grow and what the proper compensation should be.

All Damages Aren’t Considered

In addition to medical expenses, there is also likely property damage. Sometimes replacing the car isn’t a viable option, and yet when a client is hasty, they may accept an insurance settlement that doesn’t allow them to repair or replace their vehicle. It is important to take into consideration all damages, including long term effects of the loss such as in lost wages, pain and suffering.

Getting a free consultation from a personal injury accident lawyer as soon as you, or in some cases, on behalf of your loved one, as soon as possible. Their advice can save you from losing even more by giving up your rights to the compensation the law allows to restore you, as best as possible to the condition you were in prior to the accident.


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