Arizona Diamondbacks Take a Step to Prevent Fans’ Personal Injury

ESPN, as well as other news outlets, announced that all Major League Baseball games will require protective netting to be installed by Opening Day this year. This decision came after several fans sustained injuries from foul balls and splintered bats flying into the stands.

It may seem this is a no-brainer type move, but previously the League was protected by the “baseball rule” which meant all ticket holders assumed their own risk. However, after reporter and HBO Sports Host, Bryant Gumbel demonstrated just how improbable it is for a fan to protect themselves from a foul ball, as well as numerous injuries, the MLB had to take action.

Over 1700 fans are hit each season, some sustaining significant injury, and while some complain about the nets creating an unneeded barrier that obstructs their view, the MBL is putting safety first. Mesh nets are fine, and therefore shouldn’t be a visual hindrance. Some teams are even opting for adjustable nets that allow lowering between innings, so swag and signed balls can still be part of the great American game.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were among the last of the league to adopt the change, and it is unclear if they will have the nets that sit from home plate to the dugouts, or the full length to the foul poles, as it is in Minnesota’s Target Field.

How Personal Injury Law Applies

In personal injury cases, several circumstances need to apply in order for the company or person who created the injury to be held responsible. Personal injury claim awards provide compensation for related medical expenses, loss in wages (which is a broader category than most know), and pain and suffering.

When you or someone you love are physically or emotionally injured by another (including death), you will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer to determine liability and discuss options.

Because the Major League Baseball franchise had in place the “baseball rule” that allowed them to place liability on the fans, rather than taking it themselves, those injured at games paid out of pocket for their injuries. The safety net installation demonstrates that while not their legal responsibility to care for fans, it may be an ethical one. And, while they haven’t paid claims to anyone injured yet, after the very public injury of a child, it may have only been a matter of time before the courts felt Major League Baseball needed to put safety precautions in place for their fans, or be found negligent.

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