Alimony vs Child Support: What’s the Difference?

Posted on 19th July 2022 by in Uncategorised

If you’re going through a divorce with kids, it’s important to understand the difference between alimony and child support. Both alimony (known in Arizona as spousal maintenance) and child support may be applicable in your situation, but they have different purposes and are determined in very different ways. Keep reading to gain a full understanding […]

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Navigating Shared Custody When Your Child Is Struggling in School

Posted on 11th July 2022 by in Uncategorised

Navigating shared custody can be difficult, but it becomes especially challenging when you’re having to make important decisions with your co-parent. If your child is struggling in school, it will likely mean involving your co-parent in the decision-making process. If you have questions about how to handle your situation, your first step should be to […]

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School Choice in Shared Custody Arrangements

Posted on 4th July 2022 by in Uncategorised

In Arizona, custody cases are decided based on what’s in the best interests of the child, and in most cases that means shared custody so that the child has equal opportunity to maintain relationships with both parents. As a result, co-parents must make decisions together, which can cause conflict when making major decisions such as […]

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How to Get Started with an Arizona Dog Bite Attorney

Posted on 28th June 2022 by in Uncategorised

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, chances are good that you’ll be able to recover medical expenses and other compensation. Arizona has a strict liability approach to dog bites, which means it doesn’t matter if the owner had no prior indication that the dog might bite. The owner is still responsible as long as you […]

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Who Gets Medical Decision-Making in an Arizona Custody Battle?

Posted on 21st June 2022 by in Divorce and Custody, Family Law

If you’re at the beginning or about to launch a child custody case, you probably are feeling overwhelmed with questions and unknowns. An important question on many parents’ minds at this stage is who will have medical decision-making power over the children. While ultimately only the court can answer this question, we can provide some […]

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Tips for Splitting Assets During Divorce in Arizona

Posted on 13th June 2022 by in Divorce and Custody, Family & Divorce Law - Featured Articles

Getting a divorce is difficult for all parties involved, emotionally as well as financially. It can be tough to navigate the changes in your life, so it makes sense to try to make any part of it easier that you can. Splitting assets during divorce can be a source of friction and frustration for many […]

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Determining a Car Accident Settlement for the Loss of a Parent

Posted on 8th June 2022 by in Accident & Injury Law - Featured Articles, Auto Accident

Losing a parent in a car accident can be catastrophic for a family. If you are dealing with such a loss, you might be wondering what compensation your family is entitled to. Before accepting any settlement from the insurance company, make sure you understand the complexities of your case, so that you can consult a […]

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How to Protect Yourself from a Motorcycle Accident

Posted on 28th May 2022 by in Accident & Injury Law - Featured Articles, Accident & Injury Law - Recent Successes

For motorcycle enthusiasts, not much ranks higher in life than a cruise down the open road with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be utterly devastating, so it’s important to always stay on your toes and take precautions. Here are a few recommendations for avoiding bad situations […]

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