4 Reasons You Need a Divorce Attorney

Posted on 11th June 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

Hiring a divorce attorney is a serious step. It can make the situation you’re in seem much more real, and may seem intimidating. Divorce can also have a lasting impact on your life, however, so having a lawyer can be important in more ways than one. Here are four reasons why you might need a […]

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Do I Have Any Rights as an Unwed Father?

Posted on 31st May 2021 by in Family Law

For an unwed father in Arizona, ensuring full parental rights can be a challenge. Both parents typically have equal access to their child, but as an unwed father, you’ll first have to verify paternity before being awarded legal rights.  Here’s everything you need to know about what rights you have as an unwed father, and […]

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What Long Distance Parenting Means for You

Posted on 24th May 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

Arizona courts prefer to split legal decision making and parenting time as equally as possible between two parents in a custody agreement, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you have to move too far away for a more equal split of parenting time, what will that mean for your relationship with your […]

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How To Cope with Divorce

Posted on 20th May 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

Divorce is a life-changing event, and it’s to be expected that you’ll find it difficult to cope with on many different levels. Whether you have a complicated, messy divorce involving property and child custody battles, or a fairly straightforward divorce between two people without kids or a lot of property, the mental and emotional toll […]

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4 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Posted on 13th May 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

As you go through the process of divorce, one term you will hear is mediation. Divorce mediation allows a couple to try to come to a resolution on their own, through the help of a neutral mediator. Mediation may be done via a private mediator, or as part of the Arizona court process. Either way, […]

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How To Get Child Visitation Rights in Arizona

Posted on 30th April 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

It can be heartbreaking to be separated from a child you are close to. Fortunately, in Arizona the courts will often award visitation rights, regardless of whether you are one of the child’s parents. Here is everything you need to know about getting visitation rights in Arizona. Getting Visitation Rights as a Parent In Arizona, […]

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4 Tips for Filing for Divorce in Arizona

Posted on 22nd April 2021 by in Divorce and Custody

Filing for divorce can feel like taking a leap into the unknown and hoping you land on your feet. Fortunately, you can make the leap much less scary by understanding the process and ensuring you have everything you need to succeed. Here are a few tips for filing for divorce in Arizona. Gather paperwork. In […]

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When Do You Need a Family Attorney?

Posted on 19th April 2021 by in Family Law

Hiring a family law attorney may seem like a big step, but there are times when it would be risky not to have one. Have you wondered when you might benefit from having a legal guide on your side? Here are six  life events when a family law attorney can help you make sure the […]

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