Long Distance Parenting During COVID-19

Posted on 11th June 2020 by in Uncategorised

Long distance parenting can be difficult, and there may be stretches of time where you can’t see your child. During a pandemic, a little distance can feel even longer, especially when you can’t go anywhere. Here’s how you can adapt your current parenting strategy to support your child when they need it most. It will not […]

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How to Cope With Divorce During COVID-19

Posted on 20th May 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Divorce can be difficult for anyone to go through at any time… even more so during a global pandemic. If you and your spouse have recently decided to go separate ways, here are few tips on how to cope with divorce during an already difficult time. Use Technology to Lean on Family and Friends for Support The […]

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Virtual Child Visitation for Parents During Coronavirus

Posted on 19th May 2020 by in Family Law

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced just about everyone in the country to adjust to a new routine. For separated parents with shared custody, routine is relative, and very easily upended, even in the best of times. While stay-at-home recommendations are in effect, it’s sometimes hard to make judgement calls that will honor your court ordered […]

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Family Law Attorney for You

Posted on 13th May 2020 by in Family Law

Finding a family law attorney is easy, but finding the right one for you can be very difficult. You want someone who can competently handle every aspect of your case,   fight aggressively for your interests, and communicate clearly and compassionately with you. Although many people hope that any family law case will be “one and […]

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Navigating Parenting Time in Arizona During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 28th April 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many families into uncertainty. This is especially true for families of divorce, who face co-parenting challenges and difficult daily decisions even when everything is normal.  With new rules in place globally, it’s essential that you follow the rules set by federal government and local officials in order to keep your […]

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Understanding the Termination of Parental Rights

Posted on 27th April 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

Parental rights can be terminated in Arizona when such a move is best for the child’s safety and welfare. While Arizona courts prefer both parents to remain active in the child’s life, judges also understand that this is not always possible. It is essential to understand that once the termination of parental rights occurs, it […]

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How to Handle Holiday Visitation in Arizona

Posted on 20th April 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

The holidays are supposed to be special, but for many families, they can be stressful and emotionally charged following a divorce. When parents are determining holiday visitation schedules, it is always best to put the interests and well-being of the child first. Doing so will go a long way toward ensuring that everyone has an opportunity […]

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Will COVID-19 Disrupt Your Divorce Proceedings?

Posted on 17th April 2020 by in Divorce and Custody

The US Justice system is protected against a lot of things, but it is not inoculated against the spread of viruses. As the number of people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 rises, it is causing ripples throughout the US justice system. Many state and federal courts have closed, and trials and other legal proceedings are […]

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