Most expensive divorces in history: Mick Jagger

Divorce can be expensive, especially when there are many interests involved between the spouses. However, with these people, divorces eventually turned into a very expensive affair.

We will take the next couple of weeks to go through some of the most expensive divorces in modern history.

Among the top divorces are those of Hollywood stars. When Mick Jagger married Texan supermodel Jerry Hall in 1977, he never would have known that his marriage would end 22 years in a divorce.

After Jagger separated from his second wife, Bianca De Macias, he began to date Hall. Jagger formally divorced De Macias in 1978, and he and Hall were married in 1990, at a Hindu beach ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. When Hall learned that Jagger fathered a child with another woman, she filed for divorce. While Jagger was able to persuade the court to annul the marriage by questioning the legality of the marriage, Hall was still able to leave with a settlement of $15-$25 million – equal to 5-7% of Jagger’s then net worth of $325 million.

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