Is a Divorce Without Children Involved Easier? With These Tips It Can Be

Divorce is a tricky subject, especially when there are children involved. But what about when two people decide to part ways and there are no kids in the mix? Do things somehow go more smoothly, or are there just as many difficulties in a divorce without children? Believe it or not, there are many differences between these two scenarios, and there are also some very specific tips for handling a childless divorce that can help you and your former spouse navigate through this process as smoothly as possible.

Let’s Talk About It

One of the hardest, but most important, things for couples who are in the process of a separation or divorce is communication. At the beginning of a relationship or marriage, it seems so much easier to sit down and say, “Okay, honey, let’s talk about it.” But when the waters are muddied by marital stress, things are not always so simple.

A helpful trick for navigating a divorce, especially one where there are no children involved, is to talk. Let it all out – bottled up emotions are not going to solve anyone’s problems, and they certainly will not save the marriage. Communicate freely and work to come to as many agreements as possible. This will save you time and money when the divorce proceedings begin.

Be Reasonable

You and your soon to be ex-spouse are likely facing a long road of dividing and splitting, moving and sharing. This is normal in any divorce, so try to be patient, and reasonable. When splitting up assets and possessions, remember that you, at one time or another, loved this person, and you are both choosing to go your separate ways for presumably good reasons, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Take a deep breath and try to remind yourself that material possessions are just that—material. The happiness and wellbeing of yourself and another person are on the line, and being unreasonable puts everyone at risk. Don’t expect to take off with both cars, the house, the dogs, and half of whatever is left in the bank account. Not only is this an unreasonable expectation, but it is also incredibly unfair. We all know that divorce can cause some pretty uncomfortable and disruptive feuds, but try you best not to let this get to you when it comes to the legal portions of this process, as it will only complicate things further and cost you more time, energy, and money in the end.

Know Your Stuff

Keep track of the items that truly belong to you and what items are shared. Make detailed lists of what you are hoping to take with you, what already belongs to you, and what you expect to gain financially (or other non-physical possessions that will eventually need to be divided, insurance benefits, retirement, etc.).

Hire a lawyer and use a mediator to help come to agreements on the division of assets. This will significantly help you to make sense of the legal jargon that will inevitably bring up some questions between you and the other party. Having someone on your side allows you to “know your stuff” when it comes to the formal court proceedings and all other aspects of the separation or divorce.

We Can Help

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