7 Steps to Take When Getting a Divorce

Divorce is a trying time for everyone involved, but you must try to remain calm and stay focused on the important tasks that must be accomplished to successfully navigate this process. Rational planning is a critical part of the divorce process. The following is a guide to help plan and organize for what is ahead.

Make a Decision to End Your Marriage

The choice to end a marriage is a difficult and life changing decision. Stay calm and rational. Take into account the stages of the process that are still to come and focus on taking the necessary measures to finalize the divorce and move on to the next phase of your life. Take action while you still have access to all your documents and important papers. If children are involved, you must make arrangements for them as well as yourself.

Look at Your Financial Picture

Whether your financial situation is complicated or straightforward, a complete financial picture is necessary. If you are working with an attorney on your case, they will be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of documentation needed for your specific situation. You should also obtain an attorney to help you navigate any problems you encounter along the way.

Keep Safe

After a marriage ends, you should change the password on ALL of your password protected accounts. Be aware of your social media presence during a divorce or any other legal situation. Online profiles can make it easy for attorneys. Anything posted has the potential to be used as evidence against you.

Consider Your Legal Decision Making

Although legal decisions are part of every aspect of a divorce, making these decisions when in it comes to a divorce involving children are especially important. Having a divorce attorney is especially helpful in these situations. A good attorney will help you with a parenting plan including (but not limited to): healthcare, religion, and education decision-making rights for your children.

When You Shared Your Home

When making this determination consider the condition of your home, the neighborhood, the possible outcomes of selling (ease, profit, loss, etc.) and the availability of alternate housing. If you determine that you want to stay in the marital home either during the process of the divorce, or during and after the divorce, do not leave the home. Put briefly, if you want to stay, don’t leave. The exception to this is if there is a threat of physical violence, in which case, always put your personal safety before that of any property.

Get Your Own Accounts

Although your wages and earnings will legally remain as communal marital property it is necessary for you to open your own bank account. You should use this account for any earnings or benefits you receive after the decision to dissolve the marriage is made.

Take an Inventory of What You Own & Owe

A complete inventory of all communal or marital properties as well as your own separate individual properties is a necessary step in divorce. You should inventory using photographs and lists. Be sure to recognize if the inventoried properties are owned individually or communal. Assets acquired by gift or inheritance during the course of a marriage are considered separate individual property. Lastly, make a list of all debts and the balances.

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