What are the Bike Riding Laws in Arizona?

If you are a regular bike rider in the City of Phoenix, knowing the laws about how you can ride and what you could be liable for in an injury or accident is important. Here is a quick summary:

You can ride your bike on a sidewalk

You can ride your bike in a crosswalk

You can ride on the sidewalk against the flow of traffic

You can ride side-by-side with only one other person

Some Precautions Should Be Taken

Statistics show you are three times more likely to be hit by a car when riding against the flow of traffic, rather than with it. So, while you are legally able to do so, it may not be in your best interest. Vehicle drivers need to look both ways before going through a crosswalk, but this doesn’t mean they do.

If you are on a crosswalk going more than 6mph, and there is an accident, you could be partly responsible. Crosswalks are designed for walkers and joggers, so speeds are expected to be lower. Many insurance companies, when faced with claims involving cyclists, state that the bicyclist should walk their bikes on sidewalks and crosswalks regardless of the flow of traffic.

Using a bike for commuting does require you to follow bike riding laws and safety practices.

Arizona Bicycle Laws

You must stop for traffic lights and stop signs and yield to pedestrians, just like motor vehicles. To turn or change lanes, it is expected you use the appropriate hand signals and must stay in the right lane, or the furthest right part of the lane. If you are on a two-lane road and have 5 or more vehicles behind you, you must pull off in a safe area to allow for passing.

After sunset or before sunrise, a white headlight and red rear reflector are required.

In some Arizona cities and counties helmets are mandatory, but not in the city of Phoenix, however they are recommended to reduce injury in the case of an accident.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

If you are bike riding for pleasure, we hope your experience is a safe and fun one. Here are a few great resources for biking outside the city you may enjoy:

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If you have been in a bicycle accident and sustained injuries due to someone else’s fault, it is recommended you speak to a personal injury lawyer and get a free consultation to determine if you are eligible for restorative compensation. With over 30 years of experience in Arizona, the Simon Law Group will provide a free and confidential consultation when you call 480-745-2450 or click here. Remember, Experience Matters!!!