5 Most Common Injuries after a Car Accident

More than 3 million people each year are injured in car accidents. That information is based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. And, this should come as no surprise with billions of drivers commuting every day to and from the store, work, and even across the country.

Injuries from these car accidents can be relatively minor, while others can be quite severe, requiring medical attention ranging from a few stitches to years of physical therapy. Some injuries may even result in some level of physical disability. Furthermore, some injuries are evident immediately, while other develop over time.

If you’ve been in a car accident with injuries, it is always best to seek medical treatment even if you experience only slight discomfort, as it may be an early indication of injury. Keep a record of your injuries and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Read more to learn about the potential injuries you may have; these are the most common ones reported injuries after a traffic accident.

Head Injuries

Head injuries occur when the sudden jarring movement of a vehicle causes the occupants heads to move in an unnatural way, or when the head of someone involved in the crash hits another object such as the steering wheel or the window. These types of injuries can include simple cuts and bruising, or, in more severe cases, there can be a closed head injury.

Closed head injuries are when fluid builds up and puts pressure on the brain. This can cause, at minimum a concussion, and, at worst, a coma or a brain trauma with lasting cognitive issues.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries most often happen to the driver of the vehicle, as they are in a confined space that does not allow for much movement. In an accident, it is highly likely for the driver’s chest to come in contact with the steering wheel, especially when they are not wearing a seat belt.

If the passenger(s) in the vehicle aren’t wearing their restraints, they may come in contact with the dashboard, leading to chest injury. And, even if all occupants are restrained, the seat belts themselves can cause bruising to the chest and injuries can be caused by projectiles in, or that enter, the vehicle.

Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes often occur when the normally non-threatening items in your car, such as a coffee mug or cell phone, turn into projectiles during a car crash. These flying objects can come in contact with the occupants of the car causing injury. This type of injury can also occur when a window breaks or a part of the body comes in contact with a window causing it to break. Cuts and scrapes can be minor, or more severe leading to loss of blood and/or the need for stitches.

Arm and Leg Injury

Often times, the passengers of vehicles experience injury to their extremities when they get slammed into the side of the vehicle or when knees are jammed against the dash or seat in front of them. The severity of these types of injuries can be minor bruising to broken bones and whether the accident is head on or a t-bone.

Soft Tissue Injury

This type of injury is when damage is done to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments of the body. These injuries include overextension of a joint, bruising, or a “whiplash” type injury.

Whiplash is one of the MOST common complaints following an accident. This type of injury occurs not only in the neck, but also in the mid or lower regions of the spine. Unexpected impact can cause injury to the ligaments and vertebrae, even when hit at a low speed.

Injuries to the back and neck can cause long term nerve damage and reduced control and/or sensation in the extremities, as well as cognitive issues.


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