Love Your Children More Than You Dislike Your Ex

Divorce can be a touchy subject, even many years after the fact. When children are involved, things can get even more complex. The very fact that now the child needs to share two distinct households can lead to tensions – especially as it relates to the holidays. It’s only natural that a parent would want […]

Parenting Time: Your Children Should Be Your Focus and Priority

A divorce can be tough not only on the couple who have chosen to end their marriage, but also on their children. During divorce proceedings, it is possible for the separating couple to independently come to an agreement with respect to parenting time and custody. When these negotiations break down, the court can step in […]

How to Respond to a Dog Bite

A dog bite incident can range from a minor annoyance to potentially devastating and even life-threatening consequences for the victim. It is not uncommon for the victims of dog bites to find themselves disfigured for life. Dogs are the most common source of animal attack in the United States, and according to the CDC more […]

Dog Bite Wounds and Injuries – How to Prevent

Dog bites are one of the most common injuries received from animals every year. In the United States, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs on a yearly basis, leading to 53.9 million dollars in medical costs. With more than 90 million dogs kept as pets in the United States, it’s exceedingly likely that […]

Tips for Preventing Bicycle Dooring Accidents

A door accident occurs when a car door, on the driver’s or passenger side, opens abruptly and obstructs the path of a cyclist. Dooring can result in tremendous and catastrophic injury to a cyclist, even if that cyclist was not traveling fast at the time of the accident. With a bit of care on the […]

How to Limit the Effects on Children in Divorce

The parents of children who are separated need to be very careful about how they deal with them. If possible, they should try not to let their separation affect the children. This is more easily said than done, but it can often be achieved by a combination of three things: 1. Making sure that your […]

What Happens If I’m Misled to Sign My Divorce Papers?

Divorce can be one of the most challenging events in a person’s life. Once the divorce is settled, there is often a sense of finality – giving the person the ability to move on with their life. This healing process can be massively disrupted, and even backtracked on, if it comes out later that you […]

Parenting Time: 5 Things to Change That Could Stand Against You in Court

A divorce can be a tumultuous time in anyone’s life, but when it involves issues surrounding child custody and visitation, things can become truly explosive. One of the best ways to not get the ideal outcome for yourself and your child is to act impulsively and emotionally. Consider changing the following behaviors to maximize your […]

Modification of Parenting Time and Legal Decision-Making

Matters of child custody, legal decision making, and parenting time can be explosive even in the best of circumstances. They can become all that much more contentious when one party wishes to modify an existing agreement after the fact. In most cases, barring evidence of abuse or neglect, failure for the other parent to comply […]

New Lane Splitting Law for Motorcycles in Arizona 

Lane filtering in Arizona has been talked about for decades and it has finally been passed! Gov. Doug Ducey signed SB1273 into law in March, but it was not slated to go into effect until 90 days after the legislative session ended in June 25. This makes the law’s effective date September 25th.   The […]