Three Reasons You Need to Abide by Arizona Speeding Laws

  Arizona’s open roads can be tempting to speed on, but there’s a good reason why speeding laws exist. Not only do they encourage a safer driving environment, but they also help you avoid run-ins with the legal system and protect your wallet from unnecessary expenses. Here are three great reasons every driver in the […]

Summer Tips for Divorced Arizona Parents

School summer break tends to be somewhat chaotic as it throws schedules off, and also gives parents a chance to do something fun and different with kids. Divorced Arizona parents may find the time to be an opportunity to spend extra time together as a family. Here are some tips to make your Arizona summer […]

Hey Sports Fan! Here’s How to Prevent Spectator Injuries this Summer

Summer is a fun time to get outdoors and take in a game – whether cheering on Little League, or catching an Arizona Diamondback game, a soccer game, softball, golf or Frisbee. As a spectator, we love to watch our favorite athletes take on their competitors, and root for our home teams. But, even being […]

Grandparent Custody in Arizona: Your Rights and Restrictions to Your Grandkids

Except in clear cut cases, Arizona doesn’t grant grandparent rights when it comes to visitation. However, they will consider visitation and custodial requests when it is in the best interest of the children and when one or more of their parents can’t or won’t provide parental care- this includes when a parent doesn’t use their […]

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