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If you are in the middle of a business disputes with a partner or other contract dispute, the Simon Law Group can help.

Not all injuries are physical injuries or “personal injuries”. Some injuries are purely economic, such as those which occur in contract breaches and other types of business disputes. When dealing with a business dispute, damages are calculated differently than they are for physical injuries. For example, the “remedies” for a breach of contract can range from temporary restraining orders (T.R.O.s) which require the harming party to cease-and-desist what they are doing, to “specific performance,” which requires a party to do what they promised to do. Other remedies involve “equitable estoppel” and “quantum meruit” which allow you to be paid a reasonable amount for a partially completed contract.

At The Simon Law Group, we not only handle contract and business disputes, but we also assist in drafting new contracts, thereby resolving our clients’ problems quickly and efficiently in order to minimize business damages and allow them to return to “business as usual”.contract dispute scottsdale If you or a loved one have a business dispute or feel that a contract or business agreement has been breached, contact The Simon Law Group today.

At The Simon Law Group, The Firm has handled 100 jury trials of all types. Mr. Simon has over  29 years of legal experience! While other attorneys claim to be professional and diligent, at The Simon Law Group — Experience Matters!!! Not only will we fight for you to secure the highest settlement possible, we will also assist you with doctors treatment and medical liens which will prevent any out of pocket costs being paid by you, up front. If you wish to contact us, you can call us at our office, or you can click on “Contact Our Firm” and E-mail us directly. At The Simon Law Group, you are not just a client, but a friend in need.